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There is only one place to be if you want to catch fish – its in the Kawarthas!

Many of the Kawartha Lakes provide an untouched beauty that can only be experienced by a personal visit. All these lakes of “shining waters” offer so much for all types of vacationers. Swimming, boating, relaxing and of course fishing are just some of the many ways one can enjoy the lakes’ beauty and everlasting appeal.

By road it would take less than a couple of hours to begin ones adventure of the Kawartha Lakes. Many of the lakes are also accessible by air and of course not to forget the mode our forefathers used, canoes.

The unspoiled “shining waters” of the Kawarthas have numerous water routes of rivers, streams and lakes attracting visitors from near and far. The most important of these navigable waters is the Trent Severn Waterway.

Fishing offers an exclusive attraction, for no other Lakes collectively offer as plentiful a variety of vigorous and fighting fish to tantilize anyones yearn to catch that big one!

The abundance of history surrounding the Kawartha Lakes provide many a cruiser that something extra whether on a personal, tranquil and lounging expedition or being gracefully guided by a chartered tour boat which will offer commentary to fulfil everyones interest in the history of the region.

The appeal of the Kawartha Lakes must be experienced by a personal visit, but just in case you cannot make that trip in the near future, we’ll try to keep you in the know and informed of what you could expect before you visit.

Here is a list of the many lakes you could visit

Anstruther Lake, Barrette Lake, Bass Lake, Beaver Lake, Belmont Lake, Big Bald Lake, Big Cedar Lake, Birchbark Lake, Bottle Lake, Buckhorn Lake, Buzzard Lake, Catchacoma Lake, Chandos Lake, Chemong Lake, Clear Lake, Cold Lake, Coon Lake, Cordova Lake, Crab Lake, Crane Lake, Crowe Lake, Crydesdale Lake, Crystal Lake, Dummer Lake, Eels Lake, Fortescue Lake, Galloway Lake, Gold Lake, Greens Lake, Higgins Lake, Jack Lake, Julian Lake, Kasshabog Lake, Katchewanooka Lake, Lassawade Lake, Little Bald Lake, Little Lake, Little Silver Lake, Long Lake, Loon Call Lake, Lost Lake, Loucks Lake, Methuen Lake, Mississagua Lake, Mountain Lake, Nogies Lake, North Rathbun Lake, Oak Lake, Pencil Lake, Picard Lake, Pigeon Lake, Poplar Lake, Rice Lake, Round Lake, Salmon Lake, Sandy Lake, Serpentine Lake, St Croix Lake, Stoney Lake, Stoplog Lake, Sucker Lake, Tallon Lake, West Twin Lake, White Lake, Wolf Lake

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