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Hook onto one of the categories in this fishing tackle store and start shopping for some great fishing deals now! More on hooking below.

So whats best to make your fishing in the kawarthas expedition a successful one? Our fishing tackle selections of course! OK! Its difficult to figure out what the heck to buy when you plan on going for your next fishing in the kawarthas vacation, fishing in ontario expedition, or just a a plain old fishing in Canada adventure how about these to begin with?

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I mentioned the subject of hooking earlier on, and its a funny business really!  Now check out this video.

Ok you are still considering the many types of fishing tackle thats available, you're wracking your brain wondering whats the best fishing lure to dangle at the end of the fishing line? What rod and reel combo to use? What fish finder to buy? What fishing accessories or clothing to wear? What fishing tackle box is going to carry all of your fishing products? Hundreds of different colours, sizes, shapes, lengths, brands, etc. are available.

So what is going to make the difference between catching that small, medium or large fish that?

Our selection of fishing products, as you pick and choose whats the best deal to catch, snag, hook, or whatever line you want to use. Now that's a real adventure all by itself!

Now go ahead and browse this selection of fishing tackle we've collected to help make your next purchase an easier on.

And on the lighter side of things and I don't mean catching teeny weeny fish, this is a must watch video. Can you imagine how much fun fishing can be for others let alone the one who is doing the fishing. Nothing like sharing the experience.

If you can't find what you're looking for, drop us a line - email that is - at fishing @ inthekawarthas dot com. We'll be glad to help.

Happy fishing in the Kawarthas!