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If you are going to have fun fishing, then its the Kawarthas for you, and for sure “Look Out Fish” is the appropriate heading for your fishing trip. Lets see what you can achieve during your fishing adventures in the land of the shining waters – such is the native meaning of Kawarthas.

Fish species such as Walleye (Pickerel), Large-mouth Bass, Small-mouth Bass, Muskie (Muskellunge), Trout, Perch, Crappie, Blue Gill, Sun Fish, Rock Bass (lots and lots of them), and many other varieties all await your patience and fishing abilities.

one of our kawartha lakes to enjoy fishing in the kawarthas

What can we say about fishing in the Kawarthas? Visit the area, meet the people, troll the rivers and lakes. Drop the line and catch the fish. How about that for starters?

Then tell us your Tall Tales, and Short Tales too. Everyone, whether fishing enthusiast, sports fisherman, weekend angler, cottager, camper or one of the many who are lucky to live by the river, as we do and just fish for fun, will love to hear your stories, fishing tips and tricks and adventures in the Kawarthas.

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